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Free Games and Jokes
Nothing to do with Boxing...But I like Jokes and Games...So just relax, Take a brake and enjoy (((Beware can get addictive)))

Find a Joke:
Bin Larden Liquors Got some stress...get rid with this funny shooting game
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Is that your final answer???...((Very Cool Game))
Boxing with OJ Test your boxing skills out on OJ Simpson
Interactive Chess Play chess against friends over the net or challange someone on the forum to a game.
Pac-Man This one takes me back...LOL...Woka Woka Woka!!!!
Bowling I like this one....Strike!!!!
Checkers Can you beat the computer at checkers ???.
Mini Golf Very cool golf game.((you'll like this one))
Kore Golf Cool Flash Golf Game
Hangman Quite a hard ((for Saddo!!!)) Hangman.
Pong Flash version of the old pong game...Boy it is fast.
SnakeI find this one quite addictive.
Bubble Use the arrow keys to move and fire.
Memory Game How good is your memory ?...keep your eyes open you mite see me.
Breakout Game Quite a fast breakout game....enjoy the photo's
Tetris I think we all know how to play this.
Connect 4 Quite hard to beat the Computer.
Nibbly This one will get you thinking.
Rushhour Help the red car escape ..will take alot of brain power.
Air Hocky a link to a very cool air hocky game.
Spaced Penguin Very funny game with a Penguin and an elastic band.
Pile Up A tetris with vegtables.
Space Corn Use the arrow keys and only eat the popcorn.
Pool Quite like this flash pool game.
OOBill Platform game
The Adventures of Butt Toilet Humour at it's best...Use the mouse for this one.
Darts Use the mouse to throw the darts in this cool game.
Pinball Use space button to fire the ball and the Ctrl and Shift keys for the flippers.
Amazing Dozen Funny little egg game.((Saddo likes this one))
Balloon Game Nice well made balloon game.
Square Puzzle use the mouse to complete the puzzle.
HELLO.. looks like Dom Jolly off Trigger Happy TV.
V Force Use the mouse for this very cool space shooting game.
Silent Water Use the mouse for this sea shooting game.
Tennis Drag the mouse down and then click to serve,Push left or right will direct the ball, move the player next to the ball to hit automatically on return, use Shift key to hit harder and use Ctrl key to lob.

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