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Boxing with the Iceman By John Scully

Ever wondered how to box? Well Light-Heavyweight Pro Boxer John Scully has put together this insight into the pro boxing game and useful tips on how to Box for Saddo's Boxing Site. The Jab is the MOST IMPORTANT PUNCH in a Boxers arsenal. If there is one punch that a Boxer could win a fight with by using that punch alone, it is the jab. When using the jab , the Boxer needs to have his knees bent and chin down. The jab must come directly from the 'ready' position. Make sure you twist your arm in a cork - screw like motion just before impact. That is what will give you the SNAP you will need for a good punch.


Fighting Art By Andre Linnell

Stance is everything it's your foundation. Basics must be accomplished otherwise you will be building up other strengths onto a weakness: So start as you feel you will go on. Neutral Stance: Facing forward, feet under shoulders (Slightly wider not too much) for perfect balance. (Your arms or fists can punch the same distance out in front of you.) This stance is wide open for frontal attack but is of great use when you are at someone's side because then you have two fists against one. To get into a front stance of orthodox or south all you have to do from here is turn your shoulders and waist around and adjust your feet slightly to comfort. Now if you turn to the right, Your right fist will be out in front and left fist back in defence.


MORE TO COME...If you are a boxer or trainer please feel free to email me your take on how to box and I will add it with a link to your gym or site at the bottom. Email Me